Anal Bleaching – A new trend

Sometimes it amazes me how fast society moves forward.  Granted, some people may say that we’re not really moving forward but I just don’t see it.

Look at the technological change in the past twenty years and it is just amazing.  Who among us doesn’t have a smartphone attached to us like an umbilical cord?  And what about women’s rights?  Who would have thought even twenty or thirty years ago that we women would have the power that we have?  Every day it seems our world is becoming less controlled by men and more by women.  You have to wonder what the future brings.  Good things I hope!

So what does this all have to do with the title of this article?  Lots.  Just the same as it’s hard to imagine that we can carry a phone that has more computing power than was in the rockets that took anal-bleaching2astronauts to the moon, it’s also sometimes hard to believe that people – women especially – have become so aware and so comfortable with their bodies that the idea of anal bleaching is now mainstream.

Yes, if you didn’t know it before, you do now.  Anal bleaching isn’t something done only by porn stars or gay men any more.  There are tens or hundreds of thousands of men and women every year performing anal bleaching, and millions more interested in the subject.  In fact, studies show that there are over 300,000 internet searches per week in the areas of intimate bleaching such as anal bleaching, vaginal bleaching, nipple bleaching and more.  That is mind boggling.  Over 1 million searches per month!  So if that’s not mainstream, I don’t know what is….

Not surprisingly, there has been a lot of controversy over anal bleaching for a long time and unfortunately a lot of misinformation.  As well, there have been some products in the past that contained some ingredients that were not very good for our bodies and in fact could cause a great deal of harm.  But things have changed a lot in the last few years.  As more and more people have flocked to the concept of anal bleaching, techniques and products have evolved to be better, faster acting and most importantly – much safer.

There are a number of good websites around that talk a lot about this subject.  When it comes to anal bleaching this site seems to be the best in providing lots of knowledgeable and unbiased information.  They have reviews on different products but also talk about all types of other things like waxing versus shaving.

If there is one cautionary note I can give if you want to try anal bleaching, it is this:  Do your homework.  Read the articles and reviews on authoritative sites like the one linked above as well as others.  Make sure you are comfortable and knowledgeable about what you are getting into and then you will be fine.  If a million people a month are thinking about anal bleaching, then you certainly know you are not alone!


Natural Skin Whitening Creams: An Effective Way To Lighten Your Skin

Natural skin whitening creams can prevent the appearance of scars, skin pigmentation, and sun damage. Likewise, it could also lighten the skin’s complexion and provide a healthy glowing effect. It’s noted that when shopping for natural skin whitening products, you should take into consideration what skin type the cream was made for. For instance, if you have a normal to oily skin, you should specifically purchase a whitening cream that’s intended for that skin type.

whitening cream face

Different Types of Natural Skin Whitening Cream

Whitening Mask

It’s a natural skin whitening cream that comes in a form of mask. Whitening masks are packed with encapsulated vitamin C that provides a whitening effect on the skin. Also, most of these facial masks have Waltheria Indica– for additional anti-aging benefits.

Night Cream

This is an all-natural cream that’s specifically designed for night use. Though, it could also be applied during the day in conjunction with your regular sunscreen. Night creams are designed to whiten skin, lighten freckles and age spots, lighten acne dark spots, and eliminate hyperpigmentation. The active ingredients of most night creams are: Kojic acid, liquorice root, vitamin C, and other essential oils– allowing them to penetrate deeper into the skin’s tissues.

Day Cream

Most whitening day creams have built-in anti-aging benefits. Furthermore, the primary active whitening ingredient found in these creams is the extrapone nutgrass– it inhibits the skin’s ability to produce melanin– the cause of darker skin. Extrapone nutgrass was originally developed as an anti-irritant for the skin. However, when the whitening capabilities of this was discovered, clinical trials have been conducted to figure out how it could reduce the melanin in the skin. Proven results assert that it could lessen the melanin production for up to 40%.

Reasons Why Whitening Creams Are Preferable

Easy Application

What makes a skin whitening treatment stand out is its easy application. Unlike other types of whitening solution, such as chemical peel, there’s no need to use chemicals to actually lighten the skin. Through natural application, it’s easier to avoid this kind of discomfort whilst experiencing the same results.

No Harmful Chemicals

Natural whitening creams are made of organic ingredients. You’ll be guaranteed that your skin is protected from harmful chemicals and additives found in other whitening products. Likewise, when buying natural whitening products, make sure that they have a medical approval. You’ll have a greater peace of mind if you’re highly positive that what you’re using is safe for you.


Nowadays, there are several whitening treatments available. If you’re looking for a quick solution, you must have an allotted budget for that. Nonetheless, if you’ll opt for natural skin whitening products, you’ll experience the same effects at a more affordable price.

Best of all, skin lightening products are considered to be a safer alternative compared to costly treatments that aren’t even guaranteed to work.

Vaginal Bleaching – Is It Just For Adult Stars?

Women work hard to maintain their physical appearance. Exercising, following a healthy diet, doing hair differently everyday and learning make-up tricks for different occasions are some efforts that make every woman look stunning and adorable. Of course, there is a lot more involved in grooming and for many women it may also include intimate areas of the body.

vaginal bleaching

Once only meant for adult movie stars, Vaginal bleaching is something that is making its place in the lives of regular women as well. It was an acceptable practice among adult stars, but with rise in the trend, now certain beauty salons and spas even offer such treatments. From a corporate professional to a simple housewife, everyone is looking forward to have a clean and sparkling vagina. For many people, it can be a way to keep their intimate life spruced up, while for others it is a part of regular beauty regime. Whatever the purpose vaginal bleach may solve, the trend is getting popular all over the world, among women of all ages.

Vaginal Bleaching Naturally

Needless to say, a vagina is the most delicate part of a woman’s body. A woman’s vagina is naturally dark in complexion in comparison to other body parts. Apparently, it is every woman’s dream to have a sparking, healthy looking and white complexioned vagina. Using harmful chemicals and soaps on such a delicate area can make the vagina skin darker. But there are many products and services that you can use to maintain the right PH level and make your vagina look brighter. Mentioned below are some of the best products available to whiten vagina naturally.

Herbal Vaginal Creams

Herbal vaginal creams are made with natural and herbal ingredients that are formulated to make the vagina skin natural pink in color. The effective herbal formula used in such products help counter the melanin production in and around vaginal area. When applied as per the manufacturers instructions, the effects of herbal creams can be seen in just a couple of days.

Natural Vaginal Creams

Natural vaginal creams are made with 100% natural ingredients with 0% side effects. These creams can change the color of your vagina from dark to light pink within a few days of application. Most of the creams in this segment contain extracts of natural ingredients which can include: aloe vera, cucumber extract, arbutus, rose extract, and seaweed extracts. All of these are considered powerful ingredients for lightening and brightening the skin tone even in delicate areas.

Instant Vaginal Bleach

Another type of vaginal bleach creams available in the market are designed to deliver instant results. Application of these products can help you make your private area glow with brightness within few minutes, giving a fair and bright appearance. These products help change the look of the entire area drastically.

Dermatology Skin Brightener Cream

Dermatologist recommended skin brightening vaginal creams not only make the skin between your legs shine, but also ensure that you do not have to suffer from any kind of side effects. These creams are powerful enough to help you get rid of dead skin cells and reduce melanin count in a safe and natural way. Such creams are made with natural extracts that magically work on the delicate part of your body. The ingredients contain no mercury and no injurious or harmful components that can harm the soft tissues on the internal organ.

It is important to note that any product that is being applied to the intimate areas should be powerful enough to deliver significant results and sensitive enough to avoid any skin damages. It is always better to do a patch test to make sure that the product or formulation that you’ve chosen does not irritate your skin.

With a natural and dermatology recommended topical skin brighteners, you can make the vaginal area appear brighter within your private space. In short, if you’re shy or uncomfortable visiting spas, parlors and beauty salon for this purpose, these topical creams can turn out to be your best method. The best intimate vaginal skin brighteners are designed with an intention to address problems like dark spots and discolorations, without using any harsh bleaching agents.

So, it’s time that you make your dream come true of having an attractive and healthy looking intimate area. Choosing the right solution will make your headache of having a dark vagina gone forever. Make sure you read the ingredients and content of the solution you choose to ensure safe and healthy improvement in the overall texture of the area effectively.

Intimate Area Bleaching Explained – Things You Should Know!

Nowadays, men and women are taking great deal of interest in using intimate area bleaching methods or to look for different ways on how to go about intimate area bleaching. It goes to show the fact that the use of bleaching treatments for intimate area is definitely growing and more and more people are searching for effective yet cost-effective options to have their needs met. People of all ages have been searching for ways to augment the appearance of their darkened intimate areas; however the individuals need to consider the fact that bleaching treatments are not the only way to handle darkening intimate areas.

Intimate areas that often get darkened in appearance may include penis, vagina, nipples, underarms, and scrotum. All of these areas are sensitive, and rightly so, need your special attention. Therefore, using bleaching treatments that contain plentiful harmful ingredients might not be the best option for you. Rather than looking for bleaching cream, or other similar options, men and women must seek for minimum invasive options. Using a brightening or whitening cream on the intimate area is usually less harmful, as majority of these products do not contain hydroquinone, a harmful ingredient.

By making good use of quality whitening or brightening product, the user may not only be able to improve the appearance of their darkened intimates, but also be successful in making skin look more
even-toned. Some people feel reluctant when it comes to using a brightening or whitening product, mainly because they think that it is not as productive or effective as an intimate area treatment option is. But, this is not true. Though results may be different for both of these options, brightening and whitening creams are a little less dangerous, as most of them are not linked to any side effects. However, a number of bleaching methods have been associated with different sorts of side effects in the past. Moreover, it is important to consider that the results may turn out to be different, which usually depends upon the skin type, or the areas where it is applied.

With that said, it is crucial to understand the fact that not all bleaching cream treatments are suitable for both the vaginal and anus areas. Therefore, make sure to read through all the
instructions of the manufacturer that are usually mentioned on the back of the product label, before actually using the product. In addition to that, not all types of manufacturers recommend the similar type of usage. Some manufacturers may require the application of the product once a day, while other may suggest application two or three times a day.

Whether it is about using a treatment or non-treatment product, make sure to use the product in strict adherence to the specific recommendations of the manufacturer. As intimate area products may vary in terms of their application, usage, or size, following specific guidelines becomes even more important. By applying products according to the instructions, the likelihood of side effects can be drastically reduced, and the chance of getting desired results gets multiplied.